EXPLORING: Camouflage

A few years ago there was a super bloom that covered Death Valley in yellow wildflowers. I drove down to the park from Oakland a few times that spring to further explore the desert and make new work.

During one of my trips, I found this green bush with brown rocks behind it that matched the colors of my hair.

I was able to blend into the landscape and take this:

Natasha Carlos,  Site G (Self-portrait) , 2016

Natasha Carlos, Site G (Self-portrait), 2016

Other artists who have experimented with camouflage:

William Wegman,  Camo , 2003

William Wegman, Camo, 2003

Cecilia Paredes,  Dreaming Rose , 2009

Cecilia Paredes, Dreaming Rose, 2009

Ana Mendieta,  Tree of Life , 1976

Ana Mendieta, Tree of Life, 1976

Lee Friedlander,  Tuscon , 1997

Lee Friedlander, Tuscon, 1997

Ben Zank, 2016

Ben Zank, 2016

Joeri Bosma, 2012

Joeri Bosma, 2012

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